Narasi Perjuangan FKUI 2018 – M. Afif Vargas Pramono

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Like any other self-introduction, I’m gonna start this one off with my name. I’m M. Afif Vargas Pramono. But since that’s a rather long name to enunciate in a day to day conversation, all my collegues call me by Afif as it’s just much simpler.This is my story of how I got into KKI. But before I begin however, I would like to inform you that I will try to keep this whole thing at least somewhat interesting. This is a rather long essay after all. I promise you that I will not just mindlessly ramble about myself in an agonisingly monotone fashion. So I beg you…PLEASE bear with me for a second. But before I get to that here’s some backstory on myself……
I’m a 17 year old guy who just turned 17 this June. So in theory, I guess that makes me somewhat young for a university freshman. But there’s a reason for this. See, my dad was sent overseas to complete his studies. After that he began working abroad full time, in a lot of different countries too. So at that time period, I was enrolled in a British International School. Back when I was there, I managed to skip a grade due to my placement test results. It’s safe to say that they made quite the impression, since the headmaster of the school soon offered my parents to put me in a higher grade than where I was supposedly assigned. It was an offer that my parents gladly obliged.
The school’s name is obviously a dead giveaway to the fact that the main language used by everyone there is English. But we also used a bit of French as well too. Unfortunately for me, I could hardly salvage or use any of my French ever since I came back to Indonesia. I stayed abroad for a couple more years before finally coming back to Indonesia. So it’s safe to say that I spent most of my preadolescent years abroad. Therefore I underwent somewhat of a prolonged exposure to a foreign environment. This is one major reason contributing to why I’m still more comfortable speaking English rather than Bahasa to this day. But this doesn’t necessarily cause a communcation problem for me today. I’m fully able to speak and understand Bahasa. This is just a matter of preference that’s all.
After I came back to Indonesia, I was enrolled into Springfield International School. At the time, my ability to speak Bahasa was much shakier than how it is now. Therefore my parents deemed it best for me to be enrolled there, due to the obvious fact that I was not able to communicate in Bahasa that well. However it didn’t take long for me to improve on that issue. I was soon able to adapt and communicate competently in Bahasa.
Years passed and I finally reached the brink of my high school years in Springfield. It was a time where everyone began to think of which path they were willing to take for the next step in their education. So just like all of them, I was pretty much in the same boat. Since I have studied in an international curiculum all my life, naturally my parents suggested me to go abroad for my studies. The fact that I had fulfilling credentials to do so also made it seem like a good idea. So I asked my headmaster for any ways in which I can enroll into any overseas universities. Unluckily for me, all the pathways he offered me led to faculties focusing on business and social sciences. Therefore it was only natural that I didn’t accept any of the offers, as I really wanted to enroll in a medical school. So since I had no offers which can help me apply to any overseas medical schools, I decided to enroll in FK KKI.
Why was I so eager and motivated to do so? Like anyone else in the entire country, I shared one common ideal. It was the belief that if I were to enrol in any medical schools in the country, UI should be the first place on my list. The reason being that it simply is the best stepping stone for a medical career. Or at least in Indonesia. Another reason is because many of my family members were all medical school alumnis from UI. Therefore I had a pretty decent number of people who could guide me throughout the entirety of the education process. When I told them that my goal was to apply to UI, their supportive behaviour further strengthened my confidence on my choice. Another reason would be because I believe that being a doctor is a huge privilege. It is a profession which aims to save lives regularly, no mattter how hard it gets. All my life I’ve looked up to people who play such a large contribution to society. So if there was a chance I could be one of them I’d most certainly take it.
But why FK KKI specifcally you may ask? One major reason is the fact that it offers a double-degree program. I believe that with this program, I will be able to broaden my horizons as a doctor. This is due to the fact that I will undergo research projects and meet a diverse concoction of people. It’ll make me more than just a clinical doctor. It’ll make me a man who contributes to the field of medical science as a whole. Therefore I may be able to derive new techniques of medical treatment, ones which will help more patients recover from a larger variety of illnesses. In a nutshell, it’ll enable me to become a doctor who will reach his outmost potential. This is the type of doctor I strive to become in the next few years of pursuing my studies in the world of medicine.
But before I do all of that, I had to get through the selection process of the faculty firsthand. I used every single ounce of effort and dedication I could muster. I reviewed my studies day in day out. Other things I did included scouring the internet for as many practice questions as humanly possible. I subjected myself into doing the hardest questions I could find. In short, I was preparing for the absolute worst. However, if there was ever a tip I could give for any people out there still trying to apply for KKI, it would be that you shouldn’t underestimate the psychometric test and the interview stage. Getting through the academic stage is simply inadequate to get accepted. So make sure you go all out and maintain your excellent performance in the other stages as well. All I’m trying to say is, don’t get in way over your head just after you’ve passed the first selection. Be aware that you still have a long way to go and make sure you succeed until the final cut.
But anyway, back to my story. A few days later, after all the hard work, the selection process was finally over. So what happened next you may ask? Well…. To put it bluntly, I was on pins and needles the entire time I was waiting for my selection results. My jitters reached a climax point higher than any I’ve ever experienced before. However I would be fabricating lies if I said that the waiting process gave me sleepless nights. It wasn’t that bad on my case. So relax people. But it was still insufferably unpleasant nonetheless. Yet how could I not be this way? There was a chance that all my effort was going to be for naught and you expect me to just sit there and wait with a serene state of mind intact? Sorry, but that’s just never gonna happen. I was left helpless. The harsh, yet undeniable truth I had to face was the fact that there was simply nothing else I could do. Everything has already been done. All that’s left for me was to just pray for the best.
What followed next in the story turned things into an even larger catastrophe. The night before my selection results came out, my family was informed that my grandfather underwent a cardiac arrest. Luckily for both him and us, he managed to survive that time. We talked and comforted him for a while. We were quite relieved at the time, as regardless of all that’s happened, he still managed to crack up a smile for us. So for a brief moment we were led to believe that everything was fine anddandy. I say “for a brief moment” because that illusion of security we had was immediately shattered. He suffered a second attack the next morning. Unfortunately the second time, he wasn’t so lucky. It was nothing short of a crushing blow for my entire family.
Funeral procedures were carried out almost immediately. We were so glad to see how cooperative everyone was, as they made the whole process happen almost instantaneously. We buried him by noon. By this time I had only an hour to go until the long awaited selection results came out. So at precisely 1 pm, I visited my SIMAK account to see that I was actually accepted. I was emotionally bewildered at this point. I couldn’t decide whether or not I should be ecstatic and indulged in euphoria, or grieve over my grandpa’s death. But at the end of it all, I simply felt grateful. Grateful for this wonderful gift God has bestowed upon me. It was a shame that my grandpa couldn’t live to see me make it this far. But I promised myself to do well in my studies. I will do it not just honour his memory, but to also honour the dedication my parents have spent to support this dream of mine. Therefore I hope that in the next few years I have finally fullfilled that dream. I will make sure that all the faith put in me will not be in vain. In a nutshell, all I can say is I will keep going. Keep reaching for the stars.

Keterangan: Afif Vargas Pramono adalah siswa Bimbingan Alumni UI Program Success Camp UI (Private Class) 2018 selama kurang lebih 1 bulan dengan belajar formal sehari 10 Jam (5 Sesi) dan pada akhirnya berhasil masuk FK KKI UI 2018 melalui Jalur SIMAK KKI UI 2018.


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